Anthony & Amy Honeymoon Photoshoot in Mauritius..


Let’s start with how I got to know of Anthony and Amy. A few months ago my cousin Waheeza from UK contacted me saying she and her other colleagues would like to organise a surprise honeymoon shoot for their friend Amy. We exchanged texts and Waheeza introduced me to Anthony who was in on the surprise. Anthony and Amy arrived in Mauritius on Tuesday last week and on Thursday we went to meet them at their hotel. When we got to the hotel they were both waiting and could not wait to get started. We had a great time with both of them and here are the photos from that day.



The custom photography experience. 

“Everything is personalized,

that’s what makes the custom photography

experience so special.”


The custom photography experience is like none other. Photographers value each of their customers and spend many hours perfecting the process of offering one of a kind portrait sessions for their clients. They pride themselves on getting to know each of their clients and take the time to design a customized, personalized session that clients always dreamt of having. They help dream up a session that their clients envision, plan locations to match that vision and then design props and clothing to tie it all together.

The true beauty of the custom photography experience is that when working with a professional photographer, they deliver only the highest quality, luxury experience catered to their client’s needs. They ensure that their art is something clients will cherish in their home forever. 

The beautiful thing about custom photography is that you have plenty to choose from and can find a photographer that can create something that you’ll absolutely love. The difference between selecting a custom photography experience vs. choosing do get portraits done at a chain store that offers portrait sessions, is that when you choose custom photography, you are choosing a photographer who has developed and perfected their art to give their clients exactly what they love so much. Their entire business has been created around their vision, their style, their brand and when you trust someone who has spent years in building their own business with particular style, you’ll no doubt about it love the end results of it.

You’re able to hire a photographer and fully trust in what they do. You are investing in quality. 

Special thanks to Modern Market for creating this piece on what the Custom Photography Experience is all about. 

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