Mehreen & Arziad Wedding in Mauritius


Mehreen & Arziad were actually one of our first clients who booked us last year when we were starting to promote the wedding side of our wedding photography business. Mehreen spotted us at the Wedding Lounge Fair at the J&J auditorium which was held last August 2015.  We finally met them one year later along with the whole family. We totally enjoyed working alongside the family and loved capturing these memories for them. Thank you to the family for welcoming us. Here is a short gallery preview of their wedding which was over 5 days long.

Amreen’s Wedding

StoryMakersPhotography_Ismael (12)

Congratulations to Amreen and Ismael!

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StoryMakersPhotography_Hanaa (7)

Congratulations to Hanaa on her engagement!

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Ibtihaaj Weds Amreen

StoryMakersPhotography_Ibtihaaj (11)

We met this lovely couple on their blessed day. Congratulations to the lovely couple!

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Saif And Wajidaan

StoryMakersPhotography_Wijdaan (12)

Such a fun couple to work with! Congratulations!

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Shakeenah And Zayd


Congratulations to Shakeenah And Zayd.

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Congratulations to Mehneez!

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Zaheerah And Raeez’s Wedding

StoryMakersPhotography_Zaheerah (8)

We met this couple and had a lot of fun working with them. Congratulations!

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Shahrukh Khan Weds Husnah


We had fun with this amazing couple! Congratulations!

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Fawzia’s Engagement


What a lovely couple!

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